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Thread: Preposterous Patents and Inane Inventions

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    Default Preposterous Patents and Inane Inventions

    I know you are wondering what this is.After all, we've had chastity belts for women for centuries -- and they're still around.

    Today, we even have them for dogs.

    But it didn't have to be this unfair -- because in 1908, Ellen E. Perkins of Beaver Bay, Minnesota, patented this unique device aimed at men.

    She wrote: "It is deplorable but well known fact that one of the most common causes of insanity, imbecility and feeble mindedness, especially in youth, is due to masturbation or self abuse."

    You can get an up-close and a-little-too-personal with this bizarre invention in my new gallery of outrageous patents.

    My friend Douglas Levere restores and sells old prints on his Web site, printcollection.com.

    Hidden among the fantastic old photos that he's saved and preserved are some of the strangest contraptions and inventions you've never seen... until now.
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    Hahaha. this is the funniest patent i have ever seen.

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