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Thread: Origins And Evolution

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    Default Origins And Evolution

    This show attempts to explain our deep psychological questions such as, why we exist, why we try to stay alive and how we try to understand planets, other ecosystems, environment and species. From explaining the misconceived bacterial sludge to deep sea chemosynthesis, or from the theory of comets, volcanoes and an explosion bigger than all nuclear forces, this documentary, hosted by Bill Nye, is an important summary of popular and common science theories.
    This documentary discusses such topics as Charles Walcott’s analysis of the Burgess Shale; the Linnaean classification system; Darwin’s theory of natural selection; Donald Johanson’s “Lucy”; Mary Leakey’s Laetoli footprints; and Michel Brunet’s Toumai skull.”

    Watch the full documentary now (playlist)

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    The more you think about it the more confusing it becomes.So if the dinosaurs were wiped out by this so called asteroid, where did the dinosaurs come from,who was here before the dinosaurs and who or what created them ?

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    Mega,your question has been asked a million times. Let's say you are the millionth and one and i am the milllionth and two.
    Reasearching into all the theories out there still leaves more questions than answers and we're still searching until the end of time.
    Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ~Aesop

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    Boss,true oooo. "still searching until the end of time" paaa

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