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Thread: the Bible/Jesus Myth

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    Default the Bible/Jesus Myth

    Please post YOUR opinions on what the true meaning of the bible/jesus is... I mean we all agree the STORY exists.... but what does it all mean?

    My Belief...short and sweet and to the point

    The bible is an old bedtime story of the ZODIAC calendar... and jesus is the personification of the sun.

    Through my research that is my belief and true meaning of the bible.. Please post your view...thank you...

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    Quophi Aletse


    chanter .... the bible has some genuine spiritual stance and also some distortions..... and also ..... words are very clumsy ... susceptible to misinterpretation and manipulations ....... therefore discernment is a necessary quality when reading anything and at the end of the dey, u are ur own decider for what is ur truth and what is not .....

    on jesus ..... his story was passed on by the vehicle of word of mouth for about 300 years as the earliest scriptures of new testament date back to 300 AD if my memory serves me right .... so u can decide for urself if a story floating around by word of mouth for about 300 years before it was put into writing can keep its initial completeness or storyline to a tee without any distortions, additions and subtractions....

    but that is not as important as discerning what u read ....

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