I was just wondering if I could get your thoughts on something. I seem to be caught between two very different frames of mind on how to deal with people of a religious tradition or faith. I used to be a Christian and made many close friendships within my church, since leaving my faith I have still remained close with many of my Christian friends and love them dearly.

On one hand I want to engage in positive debate and discussion about the Christian faith and reveal things to them I didnít know about the bible, history, or science which completely changed my world view. I feel as though I have a much better perspective for truth now than I ever did and want to share it with them. I want to tell them how liberating it was to let go of religion.

On the other i understand that religion is a way of life that gives many people around the world a lot of meaning and purpose in their lives and I feel as though if i were to try to take that away from them simply because I have found life without it more liberating would be quite selfish. Some of my friends have grown up with religious traditions and faith there whole life and its all they know. They arenít doing anything wrong by believing it and often do very charitable things.

Your thoughts please!!