She was high on cloud nine with enthusiasm to positively affect the lives of thousands of Ghanaian children and went ahead to organise a lavish ball late last March to raise funds to that effect but Afro-pop artiste, Becca, has since not been able to fly high with the idea because the expected cash for the project is simply not flowing in.

Becca had been touched when she came across a mother who had lost her four-month old baby because she could not afford medication worth GH¢15.00. She decided to raise enough money to register 10,000 children under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Some corporate entities and individuals praised the noble idea and promised to put in some of the required cash. At the ball held at the State House Banquet Hall in Accra, a little cash was raised on the spot but pledges for substantial contributions flew in from all corners.

None of those pledges, according to Becca’s manager Kiki Banson, has been honoured. He says the Dubai-based Kampac Oil Company pledged to pay $100,000 a year for 10 years to the cause but not a dime has come forth yet. He said it cost more than $20,000 from friends, family and sponsors to put on the ball.

“Becca had flown to Dubai earlier to meet the chairman, Mr Charles Amporful and he committed the company to paying those amounts.

He was not at the ball but he designated the Country Manager here, Mr Chuck Anyomi, to represent him and announce the pledge.

“No part of the money has been paid yet. That was the major pledge on the night so it has rendered Becca incapable, as at now, of doing what she wants to do.”

Mr Anyomi confirmed Mr Banson’s points and added that though his company has not been able to honour its pledge yet, it will certainly do so at an appropriate time.

“ A pledge is a pledge and it will be honoured. It is just that the company is going through some transition and there are a whole lot of processes that need to be streamlined,” Mr Anyomi said. “The company knew its capacity before pledging so the pledge will be honoured. The only issue is the timing.”

Apart from Kampac Oil, other entities also promised to chip in smaller amounts which have all not arrived yet to enable the young lady proceed with the registration exercise for the children.

“She is feeling very bad about it all. People sat there, enjoyed themselves and made promises and it seems a lot of it was just talk,” Becca’s manager said.

“It has left a sour taste in her mouth but she is still bent on fulfilling her desire to help the children and is looking for other means to do it.”

Becca’s ball was her initiative with support from the World Bank, Country Director, Mr Ishac Diwan, the CEO of National Health Insurance Authority, Mr Sylvester Mensah and Mr Joe Ohemeng of Deliotte Touche Tohmatsu.

It was a memorable event as guests were treated to an evening of wine, food, comedy, fashion and music.