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    Rising Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah was last week involved in hot verbal exchanges with a number of Ghana’s entertainment journalist over what she considers her private matter.

    Martha played a role in fellow actress Luckie Lawson’s new movie, ‘Silence is Golden’, which is set to premiere this Saturday.

    At the movi’e’ press screening last Saturday at the plush Royal Richester Hotel at East Legon, journalists demanded to know the amount Martha collected before starring in the movie, but she got irked. According to her, whatever fee she received from Luckie Lawson was a private affair. “I don’t ask you how much you take a month, so you can’t also ask me how much I have taken, “she openly told the media.

    This led to exchange of words, after which Peace FM reporter Eugene Osafo Nkansah stepped in to educate Martha that as a public figure, she no longer had a private life, hence the question about her fee. However, the actress insisted she had the right to determine what she considers her public issue and private life, and asked journalists to keep their distance over the matter.
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    Douchebag ? what did she think she was signing up for when she became a public figure via acting ? The world has every right to know what she makes. Did she think acting and being in the public eye was like shacking up in some remote nunnery ?

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