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Thread: Does God exist?

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    Default Does God exist?

    God exists in the minds of some people, and the people interact with the world with this belief. They do things that they wouldn't have done, or they don't do things that they would have done, had they not believed in a God. So, in a sense, God does exist for both the people that believe in God, and the people that are effected by the people's belief in God.

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    The debate over the Criteria for existence continues:

    -is a lack of physical observation and materialistic experience sufficient to Disprove God's existence?

    -is emotional or immaterial experience of God sufficient to Prove it?

    here's an argument For the existence of God:

    1-god is spirit: therefore immaterial and invisible

    2-therefore the existence of God CANNOT BE TESTED by mere lack of physical evidence of his being or residence

    (2a-example: the lochness monster. does it exist? well, can we find it? see it? does it leave 'footprints'? does it show up on sonar? we look for physical evidence of the existence of physical beings, supplemented by deduction and induction.)

    (2b-how does one look for immaterial beings?)

    3-immaterial, invisible things exist, such as: Purpose, Truth and Falsity, Knowledge, Character, Innocence, Logic, Commitment, and the Emotions.

    (3a-this is a short list. most any concept, quality, or abstract thing would qualify)

    (3b-materialists would say knowledge, etc, and especially emotions are not abstract but are merely chemicals and electricity in the brain.

    This is an insufficient description- emotions may have a physical cause (i disagree) and a physical manifestation (indisputable) and still transcend them-

    knowledge may be stored physically and still be abstract- form is not matter, yet interacts with it. commitment, etc, are even less physical.

    What of truth? logic? modern science has these as their foundation: having the intent to discover Reality (the True way things are) by methodical, logical means.)

    4-therefore, a materialist does not have a complete, comprehensive, exhaustive knowledge of the universe

    (4a-and can only describe the physical manifestations of immaterial things, not their essence. just like someone may follow the letter of the law and disobey the Spirit of it. this is the use of a technicality to escape the intent and purpose of a rule)

    5-therefore the test of God's existence is not materialistic.

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    There is only one all powerful being on this world, and that is Man.

    We have created life: Synthetic Viruses.

    We are self aware.

    We are capable of knowing anything except what happens after death, and I believe that is the root of the debate. If we could answer that question then the existence of a God would be either proven or dis-proven.

    Still, consider this:

    No one currently alive has ever spoken to either God or Jesus. (deluded imaginings do not qualify as conversations)

    The Bible was written by men who never met Jesus or God, and frequently and reliably contradicts itself.

    The existence of God implies the existence of Magic, which is a ludicrous idea.

    An all knowing, perfect creature would be incapable of creating imperfection, i.e man.

    Anyone who believes in a traditional God is either an indoctrinated child, or a feeble-minded Cretin, incapable of logic or individual thought.

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