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Thread: Is the world a better place without christians?

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    Default Is the world a better place without christians?

    I'm going to say yes, because the world would be a better place without the ignorance and barbarism that is religion in general. Having said that, the greatest threat to humanity in the present is undoubtedly Islam.

    If it comes down to us or them, as it looks more and more like it's going to, worrying about Christians when you have Muslims on your doorstep threatening to drag us all back to the stone age, would be like ignoring a bullet hole in your face while trying to pull a sliver out of your finger.

    Do you agree? Let's here your thoughts. Please comment
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    am sorry but the world will def not be a better place without any form or religion.. As you said, Islam is not a bad religion because people are just lame to use a few statements in the Quran for their own selfish interest... remember religion is mainly to better oneself and thats the only reason why we have this peaceful world where even the hardened criminal can change and become part of a certain religion so that you and i plus our loverly families can have some piece of mind because our constitutions simply don't give us no peace with all the corruption around... i think if you leave the main stream Christian or any other religious person that u think is ignorant and barbaric, so u can focus on reading to understand(not to criticize) other religion like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity plus and few others, then you will know that all these religions have this one common theme of promoting inner piece withing urself... and all these people u call ignorant are like urself, who really dont have any in depth understanding of religion and are acting anyhow... religion just makes the world a better place.

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    This is how i see it:

    Science, venturing into stating its position on God, has come into the realm of religion. The atheist-scientific movement is vying for power in the highest ranks, touting their ability to be rational beings that base all they trust on what they can prove (which in itself is curious, because they cannot prove their own rationality).

    At the hands of science art will die, because how do you prove beauty? At the hands of science love will die, because as every good scientist knows, love is merely hormones designed for procreation. It is as if scientists in general forget that the true value of something is often lost in the analyses of its parts.

    Value is what rules society, the moment a scientist veers into defining values, he or she defines beliefs. The moment they do that they are creating a religious system because those beliefs will dictate the actions of the society they control.

    So should atheists and scientists get control of government, how would that be any different from religions (which, I might add have most certainly only feature by name in the White House and not by function)?

    As for violent books, go read something on the history of America and tell me there is no violence. Mankind is violent by nature, religion cannot be blamed for our lack of self control.

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