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Thread: If God exists, should Christianity be the best explanation of his being?

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    Default If God exists, should Christianity be the best explanation of his being?

    Aside from the rampant sexism (which it got from its early spokespersons) and its wrongheaded notions about human superiority (which it got from Judaism), there is very little of Christianity that was not pilfered from earlier sun-god cults, most notably the cult of Mithras and the cult of Isis and Horus.

    Not one thing claimed as "proof" of Christianity is unique or original to Christianity. Not a dying-rising son of god, not a creator deity, not miracles, not a holy book, not speaking in tongues, not prophecies that come true, not angelic hosts, not virgin birth, not persisting for a thousand years or more, not having a personal relationship with one's gods, not "salvation" in the afterlife, not "the end of the world," nothing.

    Its father-god is identical in every significant respect to the "pagan" shepherd-gods found both in earlier, and in unrelated, desert societies all over the place. That's not proof of a god; that's proof of the correctness of the underlying premises of the fields of sociology and cultural anthropology.

    All of Christianity's myths and tenets were pastiched together from earlier "pagan" mythologies which in many cases had themselves persisted successfully for centuries. I'm sure some hopped-up Christian will downvote me for pointing these facts out, but they're inconveniently true.

    What Christianity has produced since then is mostly sexual repression and genocide, a la the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch-burning, and the works of St. Augustine (just to offer up a few choice examples). This is because its philosophical underpinnings -- such as its model of the soul, its notions about the social roles of women, its ideas about humankind's relationship to the rest of the universe, and its concepts of "sin" as opposed to moral wrongdoing -- are all completely and thoroughly fubared.

    So nah . . . nothing about Christianity proves it as the "best" explanation of the divine, just one of the currently-more-popular ones.

    To the second point: my religion is the best path for me because it inspires my life choices, enhances my respect for and understanding of the universe, informs my sense of relationship to other beings, guides my moral decision-making, and resonates with the truth of my experiences and intuition. I would not ever presume to say that my understanding of "god" is "best" for everyone. Divine wonder and beauty are far too great to be forced into one face or one name. To label and confine "god" is to cease to have any hope of really understanding "god."

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    Yes I to think it is right even though I am of different religion. But the only requirement is that christians should act same as like Jesus Christ has applied through out their whole life.

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