The studios of Joy FM last week Saturday became heated up when Joy FM's DJ Black and Bola Ray had a verbal clash with Bulldog and Papi of Bullhaus Entertainment over 5Five's Move Back video.

The whole music combat is that Bola Ray thinks the video wasn’t all that 'wow' and was anticipating to see more than what has been released. Watch Move Back by 5Five featuring Appietus.

The rise of 5five's 'Move Back' started last year September with the help of Appietus who cooked the sampled beat of South African, DJ Cyndo. After it was discovered that the beat was sampled, a few section of people touted it as a theft of beat.

Now the music video directed and edited by Davies Media Group is also receiving mixed reactions from fans of 5Five world-wide.

“Opinions are like noses. Obviously we can't please everyone. But I think we did a good job with this video”, Bulldog said.

“The concept of the video is a 'street thing'. We are bringing swag to the streets. When you watch from 'African Girl' to date of all our videos, you notice the streets in it. We are from Adabraka and we can't leave it out in our videos”, he continued.

“I thought Bola Ray should have made constructive criticisms like the lighting or quality, in the video or technical areas. Why! Is it because we taking all the shows now. We were all here when his boys rocked a lot of stages both home and internationally, we didn't witch hunt... Bulldog fumed.

“I have noticed he and DJ Black play DJ Cyndo's song three or four times before playing our 'Move Back' song. Bola Ray should just shut up and move back'.

According to Bulldog, the Country Representative for MTV Base has approved the video and said we could even earned some good money and air play on the MTV network. The video was first release on YouTube and has gained over 7000 views so far.

Watch "Move Back" Muge Baya by 5Five: