One of Ghana’s leading movie actors, John Dumelo, has slammed the producers and manufacturers of Ghanaian “Pornn” movies saying, they should be blamed for the increasing rate of pornography in the Ghanaian movie industry.

John Dumelo says it is the responsibility of movie makers to ensure that any acts and scenes that contain nudity and obscurity are edited out of the movies before they are released for public viewing.

There have been concerns about the recent influx of Pornn movies on the Ghanaian markets with the actors and producers taking a chunk of the blame.

They have been accused of promoting nudity in the Ghanaian movies whiles others have descirbed the practice as an affront to Ghana’s rich cultural heritage. Speaking to Adom News, John Dumelo stated that though actors and actresses have contributed to the promotion of nudity in Ghanaian movies, the onus lies on the movie makers who are to ensure that extreme Pornn scenes are edited before the movies are brought to the market.

He conceded to the fact that the nudity in Ghanaian movies is becoming too much and called for an immediate end to it.

He intimidated there have been occasions that he has appealed to producers to edit some Pornn scenes he played which the producers agreed, only for him to see the unedited versions being sold on the market.

He tells Adom News that he sometimes feel bad when he sees some of the extreme Pornn scenes he featured in but added that, once the movie is out nothing can be done about it.

The Ghanaian superstar has advocated for more collaboration between them and other African countries, apart from the usual collaboration with their Nigerian counterparts to strengthen the movie industry in Africa.

Meanwhile, John says contrary to what was happening sometime back when Nigerian movies dominated the Ghanaian market, Ghanaian movies are making great inroads into the Nigerian market.

He added that Ghanaian actors and actresses are making great impact in Nigeria and have been accepted in the country as though they were nationals of Nigeria.

In a related development actress, Gloria Osei Sarpong says morals should be one of the basic factors movie makers should consider before they release a movie onto the market.

She tells Adom News that increase in nudity and pornography in Ghanaian movies is the result of lack of creativity on the part of movie directors. “There are so many ways to depict [romance] without necessarily showing Pornn parts of actors or actresses; it all depends on the creativity of the director”, she stated.

But another award winning Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson says she sees nothing wrong with the nudity in Ghanaian movies. She is of the view that Ghanaians patronize worst pornographic movies of foreign origin than what people call Ghanaian pornography.