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Thread: Rampant abortions in Central Region causes worry

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    Default Rampant abortions in Central Region causes worry

    The Cape Coast Metropolitan Director of Health has expressed worry about the increasing popularity and availability drugs that are used for abortion in the country.

    According to Dr. Joseph Nuertey, this has shot the number of abortion cases and their attendant deaths to alarming levels.

    He was delivering a paper at the University of Cape Coast.

    According to the countryís laws, abortion is an illegal act and anyone who uses any medicine, poison, concoction or tools to cause abortion commits a crime and is liable to a prison sentence not exceeding five years.

    In spite of this law, Dr Nuertey said drugs used to commit the act can be bought over the counter lending them to gross abuse.

    Joy FM Correspondent, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko reports that research conducted in the region reveal the practice of abortion had become widespread and researchers are even more concerned about the ages of girls involved in the practice. Young girls, the findings showed, were deeply involved in using medicines to perform abortion.

    Dr Nuertey called for urgent dialogue on how to reverse the trend.

    Source: Joy News/Ghana

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    Default This information is inaccurate

    The Ghana law allows abortion under certain indications which are

    1. if the pregnancy is as a result of rape
    2. if the pregnancy is as a result of incest
    3. If the pregnancy will cause physical health problems for the woman
    4. If the developing baby has serious abnormalities
    5. if the pregnancy will cause mental health problems to the woman
    6. if the pregnant woman is mentally unstable (Please note that no. 5 and 6 mean different things)

    If any pregnant woman finds herself in any of these situations, then please note that she can obtain LEGAL abortion.
    Therefore abortion in Ghana is NOT ILLEGAL.

    thank you.

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    If there are restrictions, I don't see how it is legal.
    Abortion as a form of birth control is illegal, in Ghana.

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