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Thread: The Power Of The Mind- How To Talk To Your Future Self

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    Default The Power Of The Mind- How To Talk To Your Future Self

    According to a book i have been reading,here's how to get in touch with every talent, every ability you ever wanted for yourself, even if you're convinced you don't have a shred of ability in that area.

    Physicists and mystics agree that all of time co-exists simultaneously. The way we experience time, with one moment following another moment after another moment, is (they say) an illusion. In reality, all moments of time are hanging around together, and our consciousness is threading its way through and among those moments of time.

    They also say that there are an infinite number of variations of each possible moment. That's what they call "parallel universes" in the science fiction movies.

    As it turns out, those parallel universes are not actually science fiction after all. They're really there-the physicists say so. We just can't usually see them.

    But there is one way to perceive them. It's your intuition (or imagination).

    You can actually tune your mind in to a talent you don't have, but would love to, and you can attract it to you. There is "another you" in that alternate "now" that has all the talent you wanted but didn't get.

    So how do you benefit from this "other you"? How do you siphon off the abilities from the "talent gas-tank" of that other you, and get it into your mind?

    The short answer is, you don't.

    You don't try to take anything away from anybody. Instead, you reach out with your intuition and imagination and offer to combine your talents with those of that other you. You suggest a win-win merger that benefits you both.

    Then you start training those new talents, and-surprise-those very talents appear from out of "nowhere" (but you'll know where).

    Do this...

    It's simple to do a bit of "day-dreaming" and talk to other versions of yourself. How do you reach them? Just imagine it. You're always talking to that policeman or judge or parent in your head. So why not your other selves in other possible universes? Just imagine them. Talk to them. Offer to do a joint venture -- share some of what you know for some of what they can do.

    And then, once you've made an agreement, just accept what comes. And enjoy it.

    So I have been reading Charles Burke's work.Charles Burke is the author of "Command More Luck," a book offering powerful suggestions for getting more cooperation from life, luck, and your own mind. Whether you call it synchronicity, serendipity, or just plain old luck, you CAN become more "naturally lucky."


    Your thoughts ?
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    This is very interesting and thought provoking. To comment on this i think it would depend on how far down the rabbit hole we really want to go. Where does consciousness come from? Does it reside inside or outside the brain? If as humans we cannot be reasonably certain of our own conscious awakening, how can we use intuition, which in itself is a byproduct of our presumed sense of consciousness to veer into parallel universes?

    Secondly, on the time space continuum time bends backwards so the idea of time coexisting simultaneously sits well with me. However, on a subatomic particle level things are different especially when we reach the planck scale where singularity and entanglement come into play. Where do we draw the line between the parallel Self and the physical manifestation of the tapped attributes?

    I will look into Charles Burke's work. The same theory would be good for explaining Dejavu. Thanks for such an enlightening post.
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