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Thread: HP Announces The TouchPad

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    Default HP Announces The TouchPad

    It’s official. Palm’s new WebOS device is called the Touchpad. It has a 9.7-inch screen, front 1.3-megapixel camera, and comes in 16 or 32GB models. It runs a 1.2GHz Snapdragon Processor processor and the screen resolution is 1024×768.

    Designed by the “hundreds of talented programmers” on the WebOS team, the TouchPad is HP’s second slate of the new decade, the first being the HP Slate 500.

    The TouchPad is Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein’s baby. WebOS suffered from a massive downturn when the company was sold a mere nine months ago and all of the hard work the Palm team put into it seemed for naught. However, the TouchPad points to a new direction for Palm and the WebOS’ unique “card” interface seems perfectly suited for a slate form factor.

    The device supports multi-tasking and Flash. It comes with Quickoffice and supports Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box.net for cloud file storage as well as HP Wireless Printer support. It also uses Skype for video calls.

    A brief spec list:

    Dual core, 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon processor
    802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR,
    Gyro/Accelerometer, Compass
    9.7, 1024×768 display, 1.3 megapixel webcam, supports video calling
    1.6 pounds, 13.7 mm thick

    Note that is is almost exactly the same size as the current iPad, for comparison’s sake. The device runs all of the standard WebOS PIM applications including Palm’s excellent mail app. It also supports Flash out of the box, so all of your favorite websites (that use Flash) will work seamlessly.


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    This is looks promising. I can't wait to see how the mobile platform pans out. Apple is leading the game with the Ipad but it shan't be long before they see erosion into their market share. Plethora of devices are scheduled to launch this summer in tablet form factors after the release of Honeycomb.

    Quite lame that Apple have been bashing flash under the guise of power hog. Flash is here to stay and as Web OS, Honeycomb/Android, Windows and all OS platforms start leveraging flash, it will come back to bite Apple. Html5 is not readily adopted and even w3c says it is not ready for runtime.

    Nice to see HP putting the spark back into WEBOS after the demise of Palm. Let the show begin.

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    The kill the iPad's dominance campaign is in full effect. I saw a COBY touch pad, looks just like the ipad on alibaba.com for a fraction of the price of the ipad, soon Apple will have to come down to earth.
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    Actually the Touch Pad is pretty snappy as it is. There is some occasional slowdown, but it's not enough to take away any pleasure in using it. I never used my iMac since I got my Touch Pad it's a great device that was slammed by the press since it isn't perfect and doesn't have a fruit logo on it.

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