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Thread: 'Original author' of Ghana's National Anthem seeks recognition

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    Default 'Original author' of Ghana's National Anthem seeks recognition

    Ghanaian Scientist based in Wuerzburg Germany who claims he composed the Ghana National Anthem, is protesting against the continued use of his lyrics for the anthem and appending the name of the late Philip Gbeho to it.

    Dr. Micheal Kwami Gbordzoe says “the appropriate state institution must do the right thing by indicating that the song was composed by Mr. Gbeho but the lyrics originate from him Dr. Micheal Kwami Gbordzoe”.

    Dr. Gbordzoe told Asempa News in an interview that it is his lyrics "God bless our homeland Ghana" which has been adopted as the National Anthem and wants to be given due recognition.

    He maintains the anthem authored by Dr. Philip Gbeho is the "Lift high the flag oh Ghana" which was used for sometime before the nation adopted his, which is "God bless our homeland Ghana".

    Dr. Gbordzoe tells Asempa News from his base in Germany that he has submitted petitions on this issue to all relevant official places in Ghana including President John Evans Atta Mills.

    Dr. Gbordzoe is therefore calling on the appropriate institutions to “strive to uphold a minimum degree of honesty in documenting the country’s historical records for the present and future generations”.
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    Is there any evidence to support this man's claims? The national anthem has been around for a really long time so why is he now asking for recognition? If he sent petitions to President Mills......did he send any prior to that....This all sounds a bit weird and out there to me........If you wrote it as you claim......you should have spoken way earlier before now.....I'll say maybe even before I was born.

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    Lol cutie, He's probably just gone broke hence the delay in laying claim. Moreso, we just found oil so he probably wanna rake in by taking the government to task. It is the national anthem you know..lol

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    Lol Neo...didnt wanna think the guy is after money but I guess....................I may be wrong.....loooool

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