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Thread: Why Apple Still Rules The Gadget World

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    Default Why Apple Still Rules The Gadget World

    Seeing how Apple's star is soaring high these days, it won't be an exaggeration to say that it is ruling the gadget world with an iron fist! Even though many imitators and copycats have emerged overnight but none of them can termed as a true competitor which would pose a viable threat to Apple's supremacy. As for now it seems like the throne belongs to Apple for quite some time to come.

    So what is it that has made Apple such a resounding success? First and foremost innovation! Take the example of iPhone, before its emergence there were many cell phones in the market some of them established brand names and quite well liked but then came iPhone with never seen before stylish looks and unprecedented functionality which it puts at the disposal of the users. From the very earliest iPhone 2g to the latest iPhone 4, the product has only gotten better and its consumer's circle and demand have exponentially grown.

    The world was still swaying and under the spell of iPhones when Apple came up with yet another revolutionary product which almost put the laptop manufacturers out of business. Anyone with an ounce of modern tech know-how would immediately realize which product is being referred to, its iPad! The touch screen tablet almost provides all the functions of a laptop plus a few more and was even awarded the product of the year title.

    Apple's next significant foray was in the music world and revamping its iPod. The music player already had a staunch and sizable fan base amongst music lovers but when Apple think tank decided to fuse together touch screen functionality of iPhones with the iPod, the result was a phenomenal new product which further boasted Apple's already more than formidable shares and cemented its position at the leader of the gadget industry.

    Apple products are so widely known that finding an iPhone 4 which is a bit expensive right now is also no hassle, even in places not known for their tech suaveness. All major cell phone vendors have an iPhone 4 as a staple product now. But don't fret if your local vendor hasn't got one, you can always order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

    Similarly, finding an iPad is also not a big deal. iPad can be spotted in any electronic market that sells computers, laptops and similar products. If you find yourself a bit short on cash when it comes to purchasing a brand new iPad then there is no need to feel dejected. You can always search the market and come across a shop that has some used iPads for sale. If you are thorough enough, you might even chance upon one that has some manufacturer's warranty still left!

    Apple backs up its awesome line of amazing iFamily gadgets with equally meticulously made support such as the App store for iPhones and iPad, where you can download the additional applications of your choice and fully customize your iPhone 4 and iPad.

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    Safe to say now that apple will dominate the market in technology at least for a while. Perhaps it has long learned from the days of newton and lisa, that it pays little to be the first mover in this market. The bane associated with being first in the market was very real for them having met a very immature technological market with underdeveloped tastes and preferences, moreover consumer expertise had not yet evolved to its current levels. Their trend now is a move away from radical innovations to being an incremental innovator. This has allowed apple a longer time to build and market their existing products- add a thing or two and market them again. Furthermore, they are able to develop many other complementary assets within this time, another lesson well learned. Apple have played it smart, feeding on the success of the more radical innovations around.

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