Identity theft has become a rampant crime in the US. Identity theft causes you to lose your personal information and thieves use that to take advantage of you when you are using your internet connection. You need to be very careful when you give out these information over the internet.

Install security system on your computer. A potent anti-virus program will isolate viruses that attack your computer. Sometimes, hackers will send out viruses to you through spam mails and ads and in return hack your computer for information.

Downloadable updates for your current security software are easily accessible and are likely to be updated from time to time. Make sure that you are able to purchase them and update them to maintain the security on your computer.

Always protect important files with passwords. You can create a folder or a menu on your computer and have it blocked by a password that only you know. This will make you sleep at night better knowing only you have an idea what the password is.

Do not be tempted to open a spam email or else you might risk infecting your computer with a virus. Keyloggers usually send you viruses and adware through spam emails that tempt you to click them open.

Never leave your laptop in public places. Hackers only need a few seconds to get into your system and take everything away. Be sure to keep it safe and always carry your laptop with you at all times.

Be sure you have enabled the security applications when you establish a wireless connection to the internet.

Do not write down your password to help you be reminded of it. You might accidentally lose your copy and might find its way into the wrong hands. As much as possible memorize your password or you can make your own password from familiar situations or numbers.