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Thread: Are black men really intimidated if a woman makes more money?

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    Default Are black men really intimidated if a woman makes more money?

    I make more money than most black men in my state. Most of my colleagues feel used and taken advantage of. I hear men say that a woman that makes more money than them will not respect them as the head of the house. The problem is that in this state, most professional men are white. Our prospectives are slim. Are you intimidated by a highly payed women?

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    I will never be intimidated by a woman PERIOD ! A woman making more money than i do, takes nothing away from me as a person nor does it make me less of a man. It all boils down to self esteem. A man with low self esteem or an under achiever will be intimidated by such a woman.
    Respect should not be based on how much the man makes and vice versa.How a man carries himself and how responsible he isin handling his business plus other factors is what matters most. A man can make all the money in this world and still be the butt of jokes/ridicule in the circle of women.

    Any man who makes the assertion that "a woman that makes more money than them will not respect them as the head of the house." must re-examine themselves.
    Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ~Aesop

    Ignorance can be educated,drunkenness sobered,craziness medicated but there is no cure for STUPIDITY

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    hahahahahahaha yeah Pope Bitterz, i like your spirit, thats how a real black man shd talk. it is all about high self-esteem. i support you a hundred persent.......

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    Why do we always measure our sense of self esteem with money.

    Like Pope said, a man with a high self esteem does not care how much his lady makes or doesn't make. If you measure respect based on salary levels then there is bound to be issues.

    There are instances where some men are intimidated by women who make more than them, but the real problem is not how much the woman makes but rather the attitude of the man. Some men already have this absurd notion that women who earn higher salaries are proud and hence what another woman who earns less will do & he will not complain or bat an eye, the higher earning woman will be proclaimed as being proud & insolent.

    Men learn to be confident in yourselves, let us feel the aura of confidence & high self esteem when we come close and I bet you....it dont matter what the woman makes, you will be the head of the household.

    PS. Married men who abandon their manly duties, preferring to take to drinking, womanizing and abusing their wives and rather let the women take care of the house and family, should realize that their self-esteem is being chipped away piece by piece. Men, having a lower paying job or the loss of your job does not mean you should wallow in self-pity, this is the time to pull yourself together and stand as one.......easier said than done though.

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    I think black mans are strong and more attractive and had very good personality . I have a Asian friend .He is very gentle and nice person and very good by nature . I think black man,s are not too bad how ever every one is different from others .

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    Usually whores make more money than men, that is neither the whores or the mens fault. We always measure our self esteem with money, cause there are two things in life that count: the one is sex, the other is money.

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    if one of my dears makes more monthly money than me in peace times, this is result of human laws and turned over nature laws. And of course, of economy, contracts, justice and much more social regulations. if it comes to war, women usually fail.

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