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Thread: I Still Miss Her............

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    Lol, WTF, u got worse pix than this....maannn, too priceless. Imagine him showing up as ur date....hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    Q, this O.G is just amazing LOL more photos welcome. He could start a photo gallery you know ? I'm loving it LOL
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    hmmmm I was prompted that I haven't added my piece to this particular thread but seriously I read it and I was like hmmm my bro is bold to share his "LOVE STORY" with all of us.

    On the other hand, do u really think, you are going to maintain just the "friendship" as you are saying? Anyways, I know what long distances can do for a relationship and believe you me, I am living it and it isn't easy.

    For me I still believe you both have a soft spot for each other and that will not even go away even if you get married to separate people. You may or may not love another but you just care so much for Thembi that nothing is going to change it and this has nothing to do with sexual intentions.

    From all indications, she is a good friend worth keeping so my advise is "KEEP HER AS ONE".

    The next thing I hear, this nigga on the other end of the phone is becoming uncomfortable that she spends too much time with me on the phone. Nigga what? I thought, where did you even come from? Do you know who I am to her that you are starting to get jealous? But all in all, it was kinda crazy. If you have a galfrd and she has this nigga she talks to a lot about almost everything, it would kinda bother you. But wait, she is not fu.cking him, you see. So you gotta chill, feel me?
    Hmmmm bro thats a big problem some of us are facing too but hey that will tackled on another thread.

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