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Thread: Taxation is Legalized Theft

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    Default Taxation is Legalized Theft

    To a certain extent, it sure as hell can be. Yes, taxes are necessary for maintaining the state (security). But then there's an over amount of taxation that IS theft. The government seems to think that if you're alive and doing things that living people do, you must be taxed for it.

    Hell, you get taxed for dying. You get taxed for buying shelter. You get taxed for buying transportation. Taxed for having a job. Taxed for buying ----. Taxed for just about anything these days.

    One of the reasons why I hate the whole "legalize it and tax it" arguments. Taxing things seems to be so mainstream now a days that even stoners want their pot to be taxed.

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    even stoners want their pot to be taxed
    You are spot on with your observation however i dare ask, why will the stoners want their pot taxed ? shouldn't it be the "tax man" rather wanting to tax the stoner's pot ? Or am i too stoned to understand.... haha

    nice posts bro, keep'em coming
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    All tax men are stoners. Akpeteshie metaphor my brother. lol

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