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Thread: The Bildeberg Group

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    Default The Bildeberg Group

    For those who have no idea who or what this group is you can find more answers here

    I recently watched a documenatry on Tru TV and below is an excerpt from the show.

    The Bildeberg Group Meets Every Year in "Private" to Secretly Dictate Our Lives.As far as we know they've been meeting secretly, excuse me "privately" since at least 1974. Oprah has attended, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates and supposedly even Obama and
    Hillary Clinton attended in 2008. Of course there is nothing wrong with having a meeting of rich and powerful people. The mafias do it all the time, It is supposedly next to impossible to get invited or into one of the Bildeberg meetings. I suppose you have to have at least $100 million or so and/ or be the president, or queen you have to be "special", super human or is it insane?

    There have been journalists whom have found out through their sources that this group believes themselves to be "ABOVE" the people in every way, they see themselves as Aristocrats. In fact they sit around and call us "useless eaters" and about how they want to cause "chaos". David Rockefeller, one of the yearly attendees proudly admits that he wants a one world government, currency, bank and laws. However he does not speak of their depopulation goals. With six or seven billion people on our planet perhaps they think that is too many to control under their "New World Order".

    Unfortunately that is not the only issue according to their philosophies. They want just enough people to work the fields, clean, cook and whatever else "they" need. They also don't want all of the earth's resources to be used up by the "useless eaters". David Rockefeller also proudly speaks of how he wants to crash the US dollar. Although he used to work for Chase Manhattan bank, I guess all the money he made off of investing, gambling with other people's bank deposits means nothing. Him and his family made BIG money off of other people's money.

    It is amazing how these people are only rich and powerful BECAUSE of " The People" and then they get rich and/or in a position and quickly forget. There are some that say the Bildeberg group wants to thin out the earth's population to 100 million people. How do they plan to murder all of these people? The rumor is through medications which makes sense, because the last two decades especially there have been an abundance of medications with severe side effects.
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    New World Order , Eugenecist movement hell bent on World Domination. Reality is so distorted by the magnetic field of the bilderberg group perception comes at a price. We need a revolution!

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