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Thread: There are quite a few Africans in the NBA and NFL

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    Default There are quite a few Africans in the NBA and NFL

    How come West Africa doesn't take playing basketball as seriously as nations like Angola or even consider a game like Rugby to counter South Africa's rugby culture.....American sport of National Football League may not pick up as quickly but I think the player of African origin in the states could be prime candidates for the sport of Rugby .

    Here are a few players playing in either the NFL, NBA that I witnessed today alone

    - Nigeria

    Emeka Okafor -Nigeria

    Kelenna Azubuike-? he was born in London and his siblings seem to have west Africa names but non of the sources states his background but he does humanitarian work in Tanzania...if anyone knows, correct me please

    Ndamukong Suh-Cameroon

    AlFarouq Aminu-Nigeria

    not quite west African but African non the same

    -Congo DRC

    -South Africa

    Hasheem Thabeet-Tanzania

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    There are quite a few west african "ballers" out there eg. There was the great Hakeem Olajuwon(Nigeria) who did wonders in the NBA in in the '80s -2002, Pops Mensah Bonsu(Ghana/UK) currently playing for the Hornets,Michael Olowokandi, Boston Celtics ( Nigeria), Asante Samuel of the Philadelphia Eagles(Ghana),Ebenezer Ekuba who played for the Dallas Cowboys(Ghana),Joseph Addai of the Indianapolis Colts(Ghana) and some others i can't readily recall.

    I guess it all boils down to Basket Ball not being popular in our neck of the woods,however the tide is changing, there are lots of west african "ballers" in the colleges who will soon be playing in the NFL and the NBA very soon. Soccer for one has loads of players from West Africa in the MLS eg.. 2 Ghanaians made the top 10 over all draft picks at the 2011 Super Drafts.
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    Yes Pope, there are many west african basket ball and NFL players out there. I remember there was a Knicks player of Ghanaian descent(Nazr Mohamed) also. I always dream of seeing more Ghanaians in the NBA and the NFL that will make the game more popular back home.

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    Africanballerz.com will be completely done in the near future and you will be able to research any of the players that you like. All these players also have foundations that benefit the community. Also africansportsmonthly.com will feature all African athletes throughout the world. Both will be great sources for information

    Hadiatu Dumbuya

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    so africanballerz, is this an advertisement..............lololol

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