A Canadian police force has described its dumbest crook of 2010 -- a man who called to complain they hadn't publicized enough of what he stole.

The Chatham-Kent Police Services in southwestern Ontario said there was a home break-in last year and they appealed for the public's help in identifying the thief, the QMI Agency reported.

After the media published the police appeal, Constable Michael Pearce said he reported to work and found a voicemail from a man who was upset the report wasn't detailed enough, the report said.

The unidentified man went on to say he hadn't done the robbery by himself and named two of his friends who helped, the officer said.

"He provided a recorded confession, hurting all of their chances at trial," Pearce said.

The force gave an honorable mention "dumb crook" to a 17-year-old who called police to complain his father his smashed his glass bong used for smoking marijuana.

The teenager wasn't charged but was given a warning by officers about possession of marijuana, Pearce said.