We've all seen business opportunities - ready made courses or packages that you buy for a very small sum, that promise you a nice, steady income and a great opportunity.

Most of them end up in the bin, and if they don't it's because something else in our life is going that well and we want a diversion and are ready to strike out in desperation and believe anything.

If you see a business opportunity and are seriously considering it, then think about the following questions which might help you make up your mind about it:

- Does the information contain the name of a real person I can contact, a phone number, website, email and postal address (not PO Box?) - in other words - what do they have to hide?

- Does the information contain realistic figures about what profit I could make?

- Do the testimonials look fake - if so check them out and if not provided you know it's a load of old cobblers

- Are there hidden fees and ongoing payments, or is it one off?

- If the product is poor is there a money back guarantee?

All of these things come into the mix when considering a business opportunity. The sad fact is that 99% of the ones you receive will only be a good opportunity for the person flogging you the course - and not for you yourself.

Therefore always think long and hard, and always discuss any investment with friends and families before taking the plunge!