The Chinese Takeover Of Black Fishing Village In Jamestown Accra Ghana

Brother Kwaku & LanceScurv Kwadwo take a hard look at the ruthless Chinese takeover of the Black Fishing Village in Accra Ghana named suspiciously Jamestown leaving approximately 5,000 people who have lived there for so long on the verge of homelessness if the plans to build there are completed.
Our very knowledgeable Brother Samuel Addo not only walked us through the timeline of events that led up to this evil deal between the politicians of Ghana and these greed driven Asian entities who are hellbent on continuing the bloodsucking of Black African's worldwide, but truly brought his points home with a tour of this targeted area that will force even those in denial of the situation to see that this is a reality that the so called Mainstream Media will never speak on because they too are part of the problem!