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Thread: Marriage Counselling: UK Vs. Ghana

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    Default Marriage Counselling: UK Vs. Ghana

    Difference Between A UK And A Ghanaian Marriage Counsellor


    Hello, my name is Sandra Stone, from Edinburgh. I love my husband so much and I am committed to him. But recently I am falling for his cousin,what should I do? I need your advice.


    James Silva: I think u need to talk to your
    husband because marriage is all about

    Sarah Waters: Oh my dear,sorry about that! I've been in your shoes before, I had to wake up and face the fact that I am married.

    Michael Paper: well, you just need to focus on your husband and not on his cousin. Good luck

    Karen claren: kindly seek immediate marriage
    counselling from trusted professional. I pray you overcome.

    Sheila white: remember your marriage vows,and seek God. Happy marriage with your husband.



    My name is Beatrice, I stay in Kumasi married
    with a kid. My problem is that I think I am falling for my husband's cousin! No insults please.

    Amos Kuma : Fool,u love only money & food?

    Susan Mansah: You are a disgrace to womanhood. shame on u.

    Rodgers Appiah: Any news about the striking teachers? Are schools opening?

    Harry Addo: If u want to fall for me too, call my no 02422****67

    Robert Offei: I don't blame u at all, better go find something to do with your life, and stand warned you gold digger!

    Richard Ofori: Who knows where they sell small pin chargers?

    Kwadwo Bonsu : Ur a prostitute, u need deliverance .

    Joe Amissah: wei nso kyere sen?

    Joseph Awentani: Can some one send me the tamale sex video?

    Carol Tutu: adwaman nti nnipa nni ahot)

    Sam Takyi: That's why aids is really spreading!!! SMH!!

    Agyeman Badu: I'm selling duck eggs at Ksi. ˘5.00 each. Inbox for details. awaiting for ur response

    Kofi Appiah: This is all the fault of John Mahama, Hes making all of us crazy.

    Source: Peacefmonline.com

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    Default Marriage Counselling UK Vs Ghana

    I agree. I did some research and found a few counselors our insurance covers that specialize in marriage and family therapy. If my husband agrees to come, I'll show him the ones I've found. I want us to make a decision about who to see together so we're both comfortable.

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