Love, Romance a feeling that can't be explained.... just felt....Since childhood every girl dreams that one day that like Cinderella, she too will get her Prince Charming, who would take her away on his white horse and of course "LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. I bear no exception to this dream and while others put this thought aside and face the realities of the harsh world, I choose to keep this feeling alive.
The following poem is dedicated it to all those who fear to Love yet get completely absorbed in the feeling

Words escape at the moment
As I sit here and write about you...
You have become something special,
very special To my life and my heart
I fear something might happen...For us meeting could have not been by chance or luck..

Funny how this all started by accident
(and boy what an accident!),
I take a deep breath and utter four words to my self
Knowing you cannot see what you are doing to me
We are from two different worlds
Worlds that are not that far away
I long for your voice, your smile and your embrace

I dream of you every night
At times I can almost feel your thoughts
Imagining the words, the words that mean so much
But will not be heard....

At times I get depressed
For you ignite a light so pure and brilliant
And full of innocent emotions
It pierces my heart with such happiness....
I wish everything to go my way
I wish all these mixed confusions, just fade away
I feel alone, but not unloved
And I wonder is this how it was meant to be....
I want to send the feelings to you
That you send to me
But I'm afraid you'll never be alone
Not as long as I'm here for you
I am always near..
No judgments, no worries
Just a sympathetic ear...

I dream of kissing you
And being in your arms
And maybe one day I will tell you I LOVE YOU
But again in fear.......... *Sigh*
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