Ghana's oldest club Accra Hearts of Oak is in crisis with fans crying out for change in the fortunes of the club.
Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you well. Let me take the pleasure to congratulate you on your appointment as the C.E.O of Ghana’s oldest club, Accra Hearts of Oak.

A year from today, if you have not been hounded out of office, given up or failed miserably, you will be the Centenary Chairman. But Sir, as you take the hot seat, I would kindly ask you to pause and ponder over this million cedi question: 100 years of what? No stadium, no training facilities, broke, terrible football, and a dwindled fan base?

Mr. Crentsil, you have taken on yourself an almost too difficult task. Apart from the doubts among supporters about your true Phobia credentials, the numerous issues of ownership, shareholding and factions within the club can distract even the most focused man. How you will shake off theese distractions in your first few years will give us the indications as to whether you are THE ONE, or we should expect another saviour of the falling Oak tree.

The Phobia family expects you to come with a magic wand in hand to turn around the fortunes of the once glorious club. Do you have a what it takes? or you are the kind of magician who will make the club disappear into oblivion.

Now I am not a Hearts fan, but as a lover of Football Made in Ghana, I have expectations of my own. I have a three interrelated concerns which I would want you to address before your spend 3 years in office.


Sir, there is no gain saying that Hearts of Oak is an underutilized brand which potential if strategically tapped can make Hearts of Oak one of the richest clubs in Africa, if not the world. With a brand like Hearts of Oak, it will be very disappointing if a few years down your administration, we hear the age-old refrain – there is no money.

My expectation is that, a couple of years from today, there will be a Crentsil-led Hearts of Oak which has been segmented into carefully crafted branded segments. A situation where every little piece of the Phobia Family (the name, the crest, the symbols, the colours, the songs, the players…everything!!!) has been strategically woven into a formidable money-churning machine. It is then that we will know that you are not just a chip of the old block.


Chairman, do you honestly feel comfortable with the team you have taken control of? I will not pretend to know the causes of this poor performance better than you, but I look forward to see great changes in the technical and playing body. Sir, give the team a philosophy. Give it an image, PAY and give a qualified coach the time and chance to create a team befitting of the new Hearts of Oak image.

Sir, does it not affect your ego as a chairman already that a team like Hearts of Oak does not have any modern training facility? Forget about the Board’s expectations from you, if you don’t get facilities befitting a modern club for the team, I will consider your administration a failure.


Lets face it Mr. Crentsil, there is nothing about the present Hearts of Oak worth cheering. There is no cultured player to watch. There are almost no tactically impressive moves to watch, the players are improperlydressed and they cannot even win matches. Sir, you need to revive your fan base. For, what is Accra Hearts of Oak without the fans?

I guess the bottom line is that we are all expecting a new Accra Hearts of Oak, run professionally and which is competitive enough to rub shoulders with the best clubs in the world…and we know you can do it, unless speculations that you are another OLD WINE IN NEW WINE SKIN are not mere conjectures.

I wish you well.


A born, bred and unrepentant Olympics Fan