A group of traditional priests and priestesses in Agona Swedru have given a two week ultimatum to the chiefs, elders and inhabitants of the community to contribute towards rituals they want to perform for the area.

This is to pacify the god of River Akora and other gods who are believed to have caused the devastating flood that washed down bridges and destroyed many valuables including buildings 111 the District.

The priests are demanding 2 cows, 2 fowls, 1 goat and 12 bottles of foreign schnapps towards the said rituals.

In an interview on Golden Star FM, a local Radio Station in Agona Swedru, the spokespersons for the chiefs and elders of Agona Swedru, Ninfahene Nana Essieni V and Ebusuapanin Nana Kweitu of Yogo Palace, revealed that the flood came as a result of some unaccepted behaviours and activities of the people in the area.

They said, women in their menstrual periods have been visiting the river side, local manufacturers of palm oil and palm kernel in and around the Zabu Zongo community have been washing their items in the river and the activities of the Swedru Sawmills Limited has also affected the river.

They indicated that all these activities are believed to have forced the gods of the river to overflow its banks in an attempt to wash away the sacrilege committed by the inhabitants.

Nana Essien and Abusuapanin Kweitu, however stated that all inhabitants of the area from 18 years and above are expected to pay GH¢1.00 each to help purchase the recommended items for the traditionalists to undertake the required rituals.

The spokespersons therefore appealed to the people to respond immediately to the request or the gods shall strike again.

Source: the Ghanaian Observer


May be they should add pepper,tomatoes,a little Adobo seasoning salt,pound fufu and invite the rest of us for dinner.