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Thread: Dates Gone Wrong

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    Went camping with some friends recently and i met this older guy who lives locally. He asked me out on a date, i thought, wow nice one especially as it been ages since i have been on a date, and here was this guy asking me out when i have been through the wars recently and was super messy from days of enjoying long nights by the camp fire .

    Anywayz I was well pleased and got all excited and shite... , there was me hoping that life was gonna throw me some roses for a change , but damn i got back from a date from hell last night and boy do i regret that this guy lives locally. He told me that he had a drinking problem but flippin heck i think he should have mentioned he was proppa schitzo .

    I have been to parties in London where i have partied all night on my own with a bunch of strangers and some pretty dark characters but i can honestly say that i have felt safer there than i do in my own street. I feel like such an AZZ for being so blown away by the offer of a date . and not keeping my usual guard up. Damn i think i need to find myself a dog for some of that unconditional love and protection .

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    hahahhaaha sorry better luck on your next one.

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