The outgoing Minister of Youth and Sports Ms. Akua Sena Dansua has said she is not surprised that the latest ministerial reshuffle affected her.

As to whether she is disappointed with the decision by President Mills to move her to the Ministry of Tourism, the outgoing Minister of Youth and Sports said “I won’t say it is a disappointment as such,” insisting that whatever she is working on has been documented for the incoming minister to steer the ministry to greater heights.

In recent months, there have been calls from people within the ruling government and the general public for Ms. Dansua's removal from office as a result of what they termed as incompetence on her part.

Since taking over as Sports Minister 11 months ago, Ms Dansua has been docked with numerous problems ranging from the Black Stars World Cup bonuses to the impasse between the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO).

Speaking to Happy FM in Accra, Ms. Dansua said the Minister of Youth and Sports position is an “interesting and challenging portfolio” which must be managed effectively. She therefore advised the incoming minister, Hon. Clement Kofi Humado to solve the problems plaguing the ministry once and for all.

She said if these problems are not solved and people are just moved around as a stop-gap measure, it would not fix the endemic ills in the ministry.

“There are people who think it is their birthright to be in the Ministry of Youth and Sports so whether you like it or not, they want to influence the decisions that you make, they want to tell you what to do, when in actual fact they are not there [and] they don’t know the inside stuff at the moment,” she lamented.

She explained that “the interests are varied. There are a lot of people who have various interests. Some are business people. Some want to seek positions of influence, they want to be advisers at all cost. There are all kinds of frustrations within the system,” adding “I am ready to discuss them so that we can all solve the problem once and for all”

Ms. Dansua said 2011 “would have been a very important year as far as youth and sports development is concerned, because we have packaged a lot of programmes and activities…but you know it doesn’t take me alone to do it,” stressing she would hand over all the important details to the incoming minister.

She said there is no reason for her to be disappointed because she has been moved to the Ministry of Tourism explaining that as a political appointee, one should be ready to move on as and when one is given the opportunity to serve in any capacity since a ministerial appointment is not a permanent position.

She urged the media to be balanced in any reportage concerning the ministry so as to help in developing the sector.