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Thread: Meet Microsoft's new multitouch mouse

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    Default Meet Microsoft's new multitouch mouse

    The Touch Mouse makes use of multitouch gestures to put nine different system shortcuts up at the top of the mouse instead of using buttons. By the number of fingers, Microsoft breaks them down like so:
    One finger lets you manage the content of a document or Web page. Moving one finger lets you precisely scroll in any direction and hyperscroll through long documents with a quick flick of your finger, while using your thumb lets you move back/forward easily through your internet browser.

    Two fingers lets you manage multiple windows by maximizing, minimizing, restoring, and snapping them side-by-side.
    Three fingers lets you navigate the whole desktop--three fingers up to display all of your open windows for easy task switching or three fingers down for clearing the desktop entirely.

    It's worth noting these gestures are only available to Windows 7 users--no word yet on whether the mouse reverts to something more standard on older hardware. Microsoft has a video of these gestures in action, which you can watch below:

    The mouse joins Microsoft's Arc Touch as another touch-friendly mouse in the company's hardware lineup. Microsoft says it will hit store shelves in May, though places like Amazon are already taking preorders.
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    Microsoft is doing pretty well these days innovating. Bing>Kinect>Windows Phone 7 > Windows 7. Thanks for sharing

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    Thank you for sharing. I will buy this mouse but I hope the mouse will be not like the Apple mouse.

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