Most stars don’t like to be seen without makeup but Katy Perry had little choice after her new husband, Russell Brand posted this rather less than endearing photo on Twitter.

The 26-year old singer is known for her heavy use of cosmetics, but the photo shows her having just woken up, and the pained expression proves she was less than pleased to encounter a camera.

The photo vanished from Russell’s Twitter stream soon after it surfaced. But with 1.7-million followers the chances that Katy’s unvarnished exposure would go unnoticed were beneath zero.

The fallout from this unkind exposure is not known, but the new couple are currently in London celebrating their first Christmas as husband and wife. And 35-year old Russell grabbed the chance to catch up on his favorite sport

‘Watching footie with the hubby,” Katie told 5-million close friends on Tuesday. “He’s yelling again & calling the TV a c***sucker.’

But as you’d expect from two people who delight in doing odd things to get noticed, the new couple decided to foreswear a traditional Christmas and share ‘an experience’ together instead.

“We’re not doing presents this year because we’re going to do an experience instead,” she tweeted. “My whole life has been an experience – this year in particular.”

And Katy had reason to celebrate – her latest atonal creation ‘Firework’ reached #1 in the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the fourth time she has inexplicably scored a #1 on the US charts.

But the relaxation of the holidays will soon be over for the pair – Russel is due to resume work on ‘Hop’ a new animated film about a dufus who knocks the Easter Bunny down with his car and has to take the furry victim into his home to recover.

If I tell you the Bunny becomes the house-guest-from-hell, can you guess who does the voice?

Meanwhile, the new Mrs. Brand is slated to begin the European leg of her ‘California Dreams’ tour on February 20 in Lisbon, Portugal, as part of the plan to promote her ‘Teenage Dream’ album.

Katy has also told fans she intends to make time to start work on a family;

“I don’t want to miss out on any experience,” she recently told the Mail. “I want lots of children.”

And this brings an image that should crumple all hope of a joyful new year – Russell Brand….Jr.

What’s your opinion, guys – Was it fair of Russell to post such a snap? And would you want to see him as a daddy?…Let’s hear your views…