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Thread: Powerful Documentary about Condemned Women in Ghana

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    Default Powerful Documentary about Condemned Women in Ghana

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    I just cant believe how ghanaians are so naive and ignorant. How can u do that to another human being. if hey were witches dont u think they will kill you first before taking them to those camps.

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    How sad ! The cowards who prey on these women must be brought to justice. Why are there no men in the camp ?? After all aren't there wizards in Ghana ? Ghana has a long way to go in addressing these issues. A typical Ghanaian would rather copy the rot from the west ie-the saggy pants,the fake american accents etc rather than empower their very own to succeed in whatever venture necessary for nation building.

    Ghanaians are quick to apportion blame rather than accepting responsibility for their failures and ineptitudes. Blind justice,naivety/ignorance and the hubristic tendencies of the politicians and so called elders in the communities just makes me sick to the stomach.

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