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    I have a question. My name is Amanda and I started dating a man from Ghana about a year ago. three months in to the marriage he was talking marriage. Come to find out, he had a Traditional Marriage, but there was some kind of marriage certificate from a church (with a number on it) came here with his (ex wife, Maybe) 19 years ago and they separated in 2004. I am American, so I am trying to understand the different customs regarding marriage. He said that because they had traditional ceremony, that the familys back home can dissolve the marriage by breaking whiskey bottles, and returning stuff.

    Okay.....so I asked about this certificate that looked like a marriage certificate to me, he said they registered the marriage at the church and this does not serve the same purpose as a wedding certificate here? He says he is legally divorce from her. Is this true? My concern is that they have been living here in the U.S. as man and wife for 19 years, debt, househelds, taxes..etc... shouldn't he get a legal divorce here in the states.

    Thanks for your reply

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    simple answer, yes Amanda...the minute the divorce is handled in the states it is validated back home as well. your story is so common that it is scary, unfortunate because I know this husband of yours will never do it. Also this thing of certificate in Ghana, it was not just a traditional marriage it was an actual marriage registered with the Ghana magistrates, therefore he lied to you especially if the church was involved...Amanda you are the second wife.

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    amanda, he mite be using yiu fir his papers if he didnt have one before marrying you. if you sign marriage certificate in church in ghana, it is a legal marriage because the church have collaborated with the courts and they have the certificates at church too. SO miss amanda, it is about time u sit with your man and demand the truth from him

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