News-One has picked signals that Nana Boroo of ‘Aha Ye De’ fame has found something sweet on the body of the embattled Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen, Nasara Miriam Abdul Rauf, and the musician is busily enjoying that sweetness.

The two are seeing each other in what appears to be a secret love relationship but what is not clear is when the relationship started.

Though their relationship is supposed to be a secret, two celebrities in love cannot escape the camera’s of Ghanaian paparazzi.

They have also been spotted together at a couple of showbiz events and last Saturday, the two lovebirds were again ‘caught’ together at Boroo’s birthday bash held at Citizen Kofi in Osu, a move that further adds some credence to the speculated love relationship.

Nana Boroo entered the plush Hollywood lounge of the entertainment centre with Nasara, with a number of friends following suit.

The two were offered seats next to each other as though they were a couple. Boroo was in his usual ‘emperor costume’ whilst Nasara was simply sexy as she showed off an interesting tattoo on her right thigh.

Neither Boroo nor Nasara would talk on the matter, and Boroo’s manager, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), declined to talk about the relationship when contacted.

The two have quite an encouraging fan base. Boroo hit the limelight when his ‘Aha Ye De’ song from nowhere topped the charts and eventually became a talk-of-the-town song for Ghanaians during the last Easter celebrations.

Since then, he has remained a popular artiste. Last Saturday, he released a new single for his yet-to-be released album.

Torrid times

Nasara Abdul Rauf

Nasara also registered her name in the Ghanaians showbiz industry after she won the coveted Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant organized by TV3.

Some weeks ago, TV3 issued an ambiguous news release claiming they had stripped Nasara of her title and given it to the 1st runner-up, Lamisi.

The release was issued at a time rumours were rife that Nasara had stolen a mobile phone and make-up kit belonging to Miss England during a recent beauty contest held in the United Kingdom.

But Nasara said no such information had been communicated to her and that she still had the prestigious crown.

She told News-One that she had never been to the UK and never stole any phone as she was captured in reports.

“No one has told me of stealing any phone and how on earth can a black girl like me steal the make-up kit of a white girl? It just does not make sense because I cannot use it.

"I have a make-up deal with FC Perfumery so I am not in need of make-ups. I use three phones; 2010 brand 26-gigs iPhone, a Black Berry, a Nokia 5800 with a 32-gig capacity that is also a 2010 brand and I have three new phones in my wardrobe. Why would I steal a used phone? What for?” Nasara asked rhetorically.

Source: News-One