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Thread: How do you say Bye Bye ? - esther

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    Default How do you say Bye Bye ? - esther

    Hi, I am a seasoned writer on various topics about politics, culture, anti-corruption profile and human rights records in Africa. I have special interest on Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Zambia and Kenyan. I have written quite a few articles on the internet.
    I have interacted with a few Ghanaians and I discovered that most of them up the ages of 50 do not know the word "Bye Bye" in their local dialects. They told me that "Bye Bye" in English is the same in their local dialects. How do you say "Bye Bye" before the white man set his foot on Ghanaian soil?

    In the quest to probe this further, I thought of the Ghanaian forum as the solution to the word which many do not know or which may have got into extinction. What is BYE BYE in your local dialects?

    I got answer like Deyee......meaning sleep well. This is not a pleasant way to see off visitor who came to your house at 10.11am. There must be a word for "good bye" or "see you later". Not sleep well.

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

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