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Thread: Where is your God?

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    Default Where is your God?

    So lately, i've been having some sympathy for theists, and 'almost' kind of seeing what they see, empathizing and what have you. Maybe feeling like there is possibly something out there.

    Then today came along, and knocked me out of my terrible trance.

    A Katy ISD Officer was kidnapped and is still missing.

    Now I went through Elementary, Junior high in Katy, Texas. And High School in Dallas.

    Then I started thinking, well what's happening to her right now, (not knowing at the time albeit that her boyfriend a fellow officer, had kidnapped her,) my imagination reigned over with thoughts of a illegal immigrant cartel member torturing a cop to death.

    Then it got me thinking that turned into a somewhat of a rolling snowball of thoughts.

    I can say that right now a girl is being raped by a sick pervert. And probably be right. And probably could dare say that there are 10 girls being raped by a sick pervert right now, and still probably be right.

    I can also say that right now, a father is beating his son, only to make him take a 'Ice Bath'. And be right again, talking about this very moment your reading this at any given time.

    A 12 year old girl (I can even go for distinction) is being molested by her father. RIGHT NOW.

    Somewhere in the World be it Arizona (the capital kidnapping of the world) or Guantanamo, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, the list goes on, and could be all at once. Somewhere is being beat to death mercislessly

    Those without weak stomachs, look at the picture above, and think to yourself, this is one of the very very few that we have seen, and probably accounts for only 1 percent of people being tortured. Put yourselves in the mans shoes, and honestly look at the picture, and feel it, and tell me that you were (Snip)ing about your meal at mcdonalds.

    Feel the pain.

    Right now, a car bomb, probably is being set up. An Assasination attempt on anyone is being conjured up.

    A girl walking home from school, could easily be raped by a few young men, than have her jaw broken, only to be found dead. Reason only, for wanting to be ganglike.

    These atrocities, are near everyday, once a year, to always happening at this very moment.

    And all you Religious people, wake up with this (snip)ing smile on your petty souls. Praying to God, thanking him for being a loving and kind god.

    It was almost religious the thoughts I had started thinking of.

    I see people everyday with the happiest smiles on, and ask them why are they so happy.

    They almost always reply, "Today is a good day". or "Because I know God".

    And I think, these morons, (sorry for the barbs, pretty upset ATM) just aren't looking around the world.

    What i'd like to know is.

    Where is your God, where is your god when that 12 year old girl is being raped only to die afterwords for fear she'll speak out against the offender. Although 6% of rapist never see a jail cell.

    Or for the Karma likers. Where is your Karma, Or your Rhonda Byrnes fanciers.

    Did the girl deserve to be raped through I don't know a bad karma she had.

    Did she have to many thoughts about being raped, so that the Universe made it happen.

    Where is your god when this happens!

    I for one, can't find him anywhere.

    Just think about it, right now someone is being raped. Someone is being stabbed to death, someone may even be blowing themselves up in a coffee shop. Someone is commiting suicide.

    And I can't even begin to think, that their is a personal god, a karma, or a Universe bringing this about.

    Oh, and for those who are even thinking of it, if you want a real backlash, go and say it, "God works in mysterious ways''. Because that god is a sadistic (snip) (snip) (more snipping).


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    Ok, let me see where I can start from.

    Those who confess is a one God are always selfish. It's always about them. Just listen to them talk to HIM (ie, praying). It is always about them. Thank you God for looking after ME, for helping my daughter pass, please God don't me die, make them see that you are the best. Its about asking for favours, and these favours is all about us. Its always ME ME ME ME ME, US, WE etc etc.

    How about good for all? Too bad. It's an impossible thing for them to say. It gets more ridiculous when it comes to sports. Two opposing sides praying to the same damn god for victory. What the hell?!

    Now about this karma deal. When one doesn't know what they are talking about, they will assume all kinds of stories associated with it.

    What is karma? Those so called sufferers or victims, who is really hurting? Their physical bodies, the vehicles we call human bodies or the real deal that is operating the bodies? When you think you are your body, then yes, victims, suffering all is real.

    The writer made a brief, no, took a few swipes at karma, sarcastically mentioning bad karma. Even that, what does bad karma mean? A person did something bad in a previous life and is paying for it? Could be. But karma is never punishment. As my friend Kwame from ghanaweb osofo joint will say, karma is not punishment, its harvest. lol.

    When dealing with topics such as these, one ought to be very careful because its very sensitive. Let me just say one thing before I go blabbing on, a soul is aware of what might happen to the body it inhabits before it incarnates. There are no accidents!

    Rape, murder, beatings, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, Who or what would be suffering?

    Will continue later
    When one loses the deep intimate relationship with nature, then temples, mosques and churches become important.
    .........Jiddu Krishnamurti

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