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Thread: African governments urged to allocate more resources to fight malaria

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    Default African governments urged to allocate more resources to fight malaria

    Accra, Dec. 24, GNA - The African Media and Malaria Research Network (AMMREN), an advocacy network of scientists and journalists, has urged African governments and policy makers to allocate more resources to the prevention and control of malaria.

    "The success of various malaria initiatives depend on political will, dedication of health workers, and above all, the willingness of the individual to seek prompt treatment and use the available tools to prevent or treat the disease," it said.

    A statement issued in Accra on Friday and signed by Madam Charity Binka, Executive Secretary of AMMREN, noted that by the time the Christmas festive period was over, 21,000 children worldwide would be killed by malaria, majority of them from the African continent.

    It said as families got together for the festive occasion, it was also important that they spared a moment and reflected on malaria, a disease that can be prevented and treated yet continues to kill unnecessarily. The statement said 10 years ago in Abuja, African leaders promised to halve malaria mortality as well as agreed that at least 60 per cent of thos= e suffering from the disease would have prompt access to, and were able to correctly use, affordable and appropriate treatment within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms.

    The leaders also said at least 60 per cent of those at risk of malaria, particularly children under five years and pregnant women would benefit fro= m the most suitable combination of personal and community protective measures such as insecticide treated mosquito nets.

    However, the statement said: 93A whole decade has passed, yet we are nowhere near achieving the targets set." It also observed that some countries have taken up the challenge to introduce some policies that are yielding results such as the launching of a nationwide distribution of mosquito nets.

    The statement said there was the urgent need to step up education on malaria prevention and treatment to end the needless deaths and loss of man hours that are affecting productivity.

    AMMREN, it said, was also calling on partners and stakeholders to keep up the pressure at this time where a lot of global effort had gone into helping Africa to deal with the scourge of malaria.

    The good news, the statement said, was that the existing tools for malaria prevention and treatment such as Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS), Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN) and Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACT), are reliable and can protect lives. "What is needed now is the willingness of those afflicted by the dise= ase to take action to push out malaria from Africa," it said.

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    I doubt malaria will ever be eradicated.
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