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Thread: You think you are smart? Solve this!!

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    Default You think you are smart? Solve this!!

    I wish yesterday was tomorrow because Today would be Friday. On which day did the Teacher wish for this?
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    Would the answer be different from -

    I wish tomorrow was yesterday because Today would be Friday.


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    lol you are answering a question with a question
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    You must question everything... even a question lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    I wish yesterday was tomorrow because Today would be Friday. On which day did the Teacher wish for this?
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    what do you mean by this?

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    Default The answer to ur question

    It was a wednesday

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    what is the exact answer is anybody smart in this thread please share........

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    Default yup ! here is the answer. ahah

    it will be friday

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    Smile can you solve my puzzle ?

    yo yo's mom name is pinky and his father is greeny so what will be the yoyo's name ? www.google.com

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    Default answer


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    Default USA Green Card Application

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