A poster of the movie, suspected to be based on hip-life musician Castro who went missing at the Ada estuary while jet skiing with a lady friend has been circulating on social media for some time now.

Last week, the Maxx Entertainment Crew played an interview conducted by Nana Kwesi Coomson, and in that interview, the purported producer of the movie, Douglas Odame denied the fact that such a movie has been shot.

Speaking to the Maxx Entertainment Crew on Radio Maxx 105.1FM today, the producer revealed that the movie is indeed coming out soon.

Reacting to criticisms that the movie may play on the sensitivity of Ghanaians and Castro’s family, Douglas retorted that the hiplife musician is not the only person by name Castro. Moreover, Castro’s photo doesn’t appear anywhere on the photo.

However, in an interview with the Maxx Entertainment Crew, the General Secretary of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (F IPAG), Mr. James Aboagye said, Cinematographic Board of Control of Ghana (CBCG) has confronted the FIPAG regarding the ‘Castro Amanehunu’ movie, and therefore the FIPAG members have advised the producer of the movie to withdraw the yet to be released movie because it is so sensitive to Ghanaians.

He revealed that per the constitution of Ghana, there is no more Censorship Board, but rather Cinematographic Board of Control of Ghana, a Government institution that is directly under Ministry of Communication. It is a body that ensures that movies produced in the country are suitable for public view and also check on titles of movies before they released.

Mr. Aboagye added that if the producer of the ‘Castro Amanehunu’ movie do not heed to the advice of the Association and the CBCG, he will be sanctioned. He said, the producer could be prevented for from releasing any movies. Or his certificate as a movie producer could be totally withdrawn.

Source: Godfrey Ainoo