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Thread: rough or soft hands?

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    Default rough or soft hands?

    girls i was wondering if you liked rough or soft hands on a man. there's a guy at work who wears gloves and he says that he wears them to keep his hands soft for girls. i have rough hands and i was thinking that there must be some girls out there who like rougher hands am i right?

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    I love hands, and so will always want a soft hand in mine. I wouldn't wear gloves but will at all times keep my hands well groomed ie- manicured nails well moistened hands.What can i say, I am a ubersexual sans the man purse and yes ladies like soft hands.
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    Informer, eeerrmmmm cant imagine rough hands touching my body. It will feel like using rough sand paper on wood that has been smoothened already. Anyways, I am not sure what other ladies prefer but you can do a lot to make them much softer. Use moisturizer and dont keep your hands too long in water & when u do; dry them up & apply some moisturizer to them.

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    i want them rough and smooth.....lol

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