The Bayern Munich star had been expected to play a part in Brazil despite his fitness troubles, with France assistant coach Guy Stephan telling RTL on Thursday that he was optimistic the 31-year-old would be fit.

However, France boss Didier Deschamps said on Friday that he had exacerbated the problem during Friday's training session and would not now travel to Brazil.

Since every player's injury is said to have been caused by a ragged old hag somewhere after Wednesday Born Satan made his announcement of having been the source of injuries plaguing Ronaldo, I guess the witches and wizards of all the 32 nations at the WC are up in arms to protect their own whiles putting their opponents on lockdown with injuries.

This is just ridiculous, I heard players are also messing with their team mates via spells and ish all in the name of making a splash at the WC.. I mean seriously, are these mofos for real ?
OK so Ribery is out.. Time for Inspector Clousseau to get to work. WHODUNIT ?