A Ghanaian pharmacist based in the United Kingdom has petitioned President John Mahama to investigate the activities of the Food and Drugs Authority in the wake of numerous reports of fake drugs on the market.

“Even more worrying is the FDA’s claim in its statement that some of these medicines found their way into hospitals in Ghana,” Kwame Sarpong Asiedu underscored in his three-page petition.

Bringing a number of issues to the attention of the President, which he believes warrant urgent investigation into FDA’s activities, Sarpong Asiedu suspected that some unscrupulous officials of the FDA could be behind the smuggling of fake drugs into the Ghanaian market.

The pharmacist is also concerned by the deafening silence of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana in a "serious issue" that affects the health and wellbeing of the citizens.

“It also suggests that, as a result of these failings, importers are abusing the system with impunity. I agree that the importers may have broken the law and need to be dealt with severely. However, the responsibility for this level of regulatory failure must rest solely with the leadership of the medicines regulator - the FDA. It surprises me Mr. President that the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSG) till date has not made any public pronouncement regarding such a serious issue. I think the silence is palpable hence my coming to you.”

He prayed President Mahama will respond positively to his petition as part of the government’s quest to rid Ghana of corruption, negligence of duty and possible incompetence.

“I will humbly suggest that the regulatory investigation is started from the very top to ascertain whether these systemic failings are an indication of poor leadership practice,” he concluded.