What started as a benign discussion on the WikiLeaks recent cable report on drug trafficking in Ghana implying certain personality's connivance with drug barons, became impassioned when the Editor of the Lens newspaper, Kobby Fiagbe, in an uncharacteristic manner, lost his cool and furiously stormed out of the studios of Asempa FM, but not before angrily asking the NPP MP for Bimbilla, Dominic Ntiwul, who the **** are you?

What triggered the NDC activists action was the MPs continuous interjecting of his submission.

An incensed Kobby Fiagbe, who felt the NPP MP was deliberately butting in to derail his thoughts, hurled verbal vituperative at Hon. Dominic Nitiwuls for interjecting a point he was making.

The Editor of the pro-government newspaper had proffered that the erstwhile Kufuor-led NPP government was cross with the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) for aiding the US in gathering evidence to prosecute Eric Amoateng, ex-NPP MP for Nkoranza North in 2005 for dealing in illicit drugs. He further claimed the NPP subsequently neutralized the efficiency of NACOB and thus strengthened the operations drug barons who he alleged were NPP sympathizers.

Hon Nitiwul, who felt his co-panelist had gone over-board with his wild allegations which cannot be substantiated, abruptly cut in but this prompted Mr. Fiagbe to descend on him like a ton of bricks.

I sat here and I listened to him to make his points I sat here and I listened to you talk a lot of rubbish, so please allow me to have my say, he shouted angrily.

The NPP MP, however, insisted that Mr. Fiagbe was misleading the public with what he was putting out, and urged him to cease being a loose cannon, but Mr. Fiagbe who was boiling with rage retorted by asking the MP to stop behaving ungentlemanly.

The host then jumped into the fray and tried to restore some semblance of order when he counseled Mr. Fiagbe against the use of abusive words on the MP, but to no avail.

Hon. Nitiwul then warned the Lens newspaper Editor to be mindful of his choice of words, but he (Fiagbe) hit the roof and furiously quizzed, who the **** are you? and stormed out of the studios.

Quite recently, the First gentleman of the Land had cause to complain about the incessant use of intemperate language on radio. At the commissioning of the Accra-Tema railway line, President Mills deployed the politics of insults eating into the fabric of society, and called on all Ghanaians especially radio commentators to try as much as possible to use decorous language.

When you switch on your Television or Radio set, you will think that Ghana is at war, many of us are engaging in Politics of insults. Insults will not create jobs and develop our country; it will not bring the peace and harmony we need to develop Ghana, he stressed.

President Mills added that he finds it difficult to understand the reasons for the lambasting in the media in recent times by politicians.

If we are going to rain insults on one another, I find it difficult to understand. If we were fighting for ways of eliminating poverty and improving living standards of our people then I will understand but to spend the precious time the good Lord has given us on insulting one another will not help us, he added.

But it seems his admonishing has fallen on deaf ears.

Source: Beatrice Adepa Frempong/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana