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Thread: Eugene Ankomah Artwork To Be Used For UK Coalition Government’s Christmas Card

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    Default Eugene Ankomah Artwork To Be Used For UK Coalition Government’s Christmas Card

    The highly respected and internationally recognized contemporary British-Ghanaian visual artist known for his prolific catalogue of artworks, Eugene Ankomah has been commissioned to produce a special artwork which will appear as a Christmas card for the UK Coalition Government – the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats.

    MP- Simon Hughes representing Southwark and Bermondsey (where Ankomah is currently taking up his Artist Residency at the Salmon Youth Centre) came across Ankomah’s expressionistic illustration artwork entitled ‘Salmon’ which depicts the recently redeveloped Salmon Youth Centre in a deliberate ‘naive’ art style reminiscent of Ankomah’s Tribal Paintings series of 2004.

    Under his creative direction and supervision the Artist then asked a few of the young people to add some finishing touches to the work. On seeing Ankomah’s illustration Hughes immediately requested for Ankomah’s artwork to be specially commissioned as one of the Christmas Cards for the Coalition Government.

    Ankomah’s artwork which is featured as the Christmas card and which is planned to be distributed to all of the members of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats (a combined total in the region of 2,500 Members of Parliament), which is also to be sent to HRH Queen Elizabeth II in-order to celebrate the festive season.

    Eugene Ankomah’s artworks which are already in the collection of many Celebrity clients, VIPs, Collectors and distinguished members of society, can now also add the likes of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister- David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister- Nick Clegg amongst the list of VIPs who will own signature artworks by the Contemporary Visual Artist.

    Ankomah is currently taking up his fourth Artist Residency at the Salmon Youth Centre. The Salmon Youth Centre (which is one of the largest Youth Centre establishments in Europe) based in South London, underwent a redevelopment of its facilities and re-opened its doors to the local communities’ young people in 2009; as a result it now boasts the largest range of dedicated facilities and floor area of any dedicated Youth Centre in the UK.

    He will also be releasing a limited edition print of his artwork ‘Salmon’ to celebrate the festive season which will soon be available to purchase via Artspan.com one of a few online destinations where worldwide collectors, private clients, fans and avid followers will be able to own original, signed and authentic works by the prolific Award-winning Artist.

    Fans and collectors of his work will be able to visit www.eugeneankomah.artspan.com where a selection of works from Ankomah’s various projects will be available to purchase in the online gallery. More works will become available online periodically starting from January 2011 to allow private clients, collectors and fans the opportunity to own signed works from the Artist’s sought-after catalogue.

    source: ghanacelebrities

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    that's what's up

    all go to the same place ;all come from dust and to the dust all return. who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?
    ecclesiastes 3:20-21 :-x

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