FA vice-prez, Fred Pappoe

Officials of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) are grumbling over some missing documents which were taken away by the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) when it raided its office last week.

Officials of EOCO returned the documents to the offices of the FA after world soccer governing body, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), threatened to ban Ghana from international football if government continued to interfere in the administration of soccer.

But days after scrutinizing the documents which were brought back, Vice Chairman of the FA, Fred Pappoe said some key documents were missing from the files which were taken away and later brought back.

He told Joy Sports yesterday that “with respect to the files, they have returned almost all of them but we realized there are about close to five or six letters missing in some particular files relating to Puma and Onetouch.”

Puma is the official kits sponsor of the national teams, while Onetouch (mobile telephony service now known as Vodafone) previously sponsored the national league).

It is however not clear whether the documents were deliberately removed from the lot or it is just a mere oversight.

That notwithstanding, he said they had drawn the attention of the EOCO to the missing documents and hoped that the EOCO would return them.

Officials of EOCO have indeed admitted the documents were missing from the lot they returned and have since undertaken to search and return them to the GFA.

Operatives of the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), formerly known as Serious Fraud Office (SFO), last week stormed the premises of the GFA and prevented officials of the soccer governing body from moving in or out of the premises, carting away computers and documents.

Mobile phones belonging to workers of the FA who were present at the time the EOCO operatives invaded the premises were seized during the mid-morning raid.

Furthermore, club officials who were there to register their players for the second transfer window of the premier league were also not allowed into the premises.

The plain-clothed EOCO operatives, said to be supported by BNI operatives, took away nine computers from the various offices and some vital documents believed to contain sponsorship deals signed by the FA, in a manner suggestive of executive interference in the administration of football, which might incur the wrath of the world governing football body, FIFA.

The operatives claimed they had an order to take the action and seize equipment if need be.

The computers, documents and other accessories of the GFA, were packed into vehicles and driven off to an unknown location.

The action provoked so much controversy with the Ghana League Clubs Association voting to suspend all local leagues in the country.

By Charles Takyi-Boadu