Celebrity marriages rarely last -- all the proof you need can be found in the tabloids, where new breakups are revealed all the time.

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But while some marriages end peacefully, with the members of the former couple remaining friends (or, at least, not enemies), others are shockingly nasty. If you want to feel better about the state of your own relationship, all you need to do is read through the nasty celebrity breakups detailed below:

Katy Perry And Russell Brand
Smartphones make me smile, what with Candy Crush Saga and Words With Friends always being at my fingertips. But Katy Perry might not be able to say the same these days, seeing as her divorce with Russell Brand was initiated via text. That's right, the man that Katy once described as "magical" didn't have the guts to ask for a divorce in person! Based on this sad story, it appears that celebrities also struggle with some of the technological pitfalls as the rest of us. (1)

Britney Spears And Kevin Federline
Britney Spears' romance with Kevin Federline took place at a time when fans were still mourning the end of her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Many were happy to see the rebound relationship with K Fed come to an end, but were less enthusiastic about all the drama involved in this breakup. After all, it is widely believed that the stress related to constant bickering between the two ultimately lead to Britney's highly-publicized meltdown of 2007, during which she attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella and shaved off all her hair. And as with the recent split of Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Britney and K Fed's breakup was initiated via text. The only good thing to come of the fiasco? Britney and Kevin's adorable children no longer have to deal with a constantly bickering couple. (2)

Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake
Speaking of really bad celebrity breakups involving Britney Spears...how about that tragic breakup with Justin Timberlake! No, it did not spur Britney's head shaving incident, but it did lead to some pretty angsty songs, such as Cry Me A River and What Goes Around...Comes Around. The two are allegedly are on speaking terms these days, but that didn't stop Justin from joking about taking his ex-girlfriend's virginity during an appearance on SNL. (3)

Taylor Swift And Joe Jonas
Taylor Swift earned a lot of sympathy from her dedicated fan base when she confessed that ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas had dumped her in a 27-second phone call. Of course, Taylor Swift has since been come to known for using her breakups as inspiration for lyrics. Fans speculate that the nasty split with Joe Jonas formed the basis of the hit song Forever And Always. (4)

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries
The publicity-filled wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was followed by a divorce spectacle that resulted in...you guessed it...even more publicity! Kris Humphries alleges that Kim married him with the sole intent of improving ratings, and, knowing the Kardashian family, there's a good chance that his allegations hold at least an inkling of truth.

Celebrity breakups are rarely peaceful, but if there's one good thing about their public feuds, it's that it makes the rest of our relationships seem pretty functional. And as the breakups described above prove, celebrity splits do make for some great guilty pleasure reading!

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