Oneal has shared his game plan with Big Brother and Elikem is at the centre of it all.

Just Monday, the self-proclaimed deep thinker told Biggie that he can easily "out smart and out think" the Ghanaian and today he echoed those same sentiments and elaborated a bit more on his plans for the young actor.

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"My plan is to get rid of him from the House," confessed the Ruby lad during his Diary session this afternoon.

The radio personality was quick to clarify that he has nothing personal against Elikem or his girl Pokello.

But as he put it, he just refuses to be intimidated by people because of the region that they come from.

The talkative Ruby also shared that him saving Elikem from Evictions last week was all part of his master plan.

He said: "I wanted to keep him in the House and I wanted him to know that I am keeping him in the House so that he lets his guard down. As soon as he lets his guard down that is when I will strike."

During his Diary session Monday, he said that the 24-year-old Accra guy had gone around saying that he is the smartest person in The Chase and that he will be smarter than the 33-year-old when he is that age, which is what started this whole plot against Elikem.

On Tuesday, he revealed that it was his woman Feza that Elikem had apparently said this too. "When somebody makes such comments about you to someone that you are close to it's game on," he concluded.