LORD OF Ghana’s theatre industry, Uncle Ebo Whyte, has dropped an interesting bombshell about his ssex life that will perhaps let fans consider him a saint for the rest of his life.

According to Uncle Ebo, for the past 27years that he had been married to his wife, he had not had any extra-marital affairs, even though he had a lot of tempting opportunities to cheat on his wife.

“I have never had ssex with another woman in all the 27 years I have been married. That is the truth,” he said on Joy Fm’s morning show last week Thursday.

His comment followed questions thrown at him by a number of enthusiasts of his plays as to whether he had ever cheated on his wife. Cheating was the main theme of his last play entitled ‘Caught In The Act’ performed at the National Theatre in Accra last weekend.

He confessed to the host, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, that it was not an easy task for him to stay without extra-marital ***. “Kojo it is not easy,” he emphasized to the presenter who sounded astonished by the man’s admissions. The worse part of Uncle Ebo’s problem, the playwright noted, was that he got married to his wife whose name he only gave as Florence, when he was still in love with another lady whose name he presented as Sadia.

Explaining the circumstances that led to his separation from Sadia, he said something happened and he walked out of Sadia’s house. Pride and anger stopped them from reconciling until years after he had gotten married to Florence. The first three years of his marriage with Florence was wonderful.

“Florence and I were a very happy couple. We made love everywhere and every time. We travelled around the southern belt of Ghana and built a huge bank of shared experiences and memories. By this time, Sadia had put over 2000 miles between me and her and I was sure that was it.”

However, in the third year of the marriage, he started to think about Sadia, wondering how it would have been if he was married to her since he deeply loved her. At this point, Uncle Ebo said he realized that he had not really gotten Sadia out of his system.

The realization, he continued, became even more painful when he got to know that what made him walk away from Sadia was false. Somebody close to him deliberately misled him with the intention of killing their relationship and he fell for it.

According to him, the pain took a toll on him and his marriage as well.

“I began to withdraw from my wife and became increasingly unavailable to her emotionally. It was devastating time for both of us…One day I traveled with one of the girls to Kumasi and we lodged at the same hotel. I tried to have ssex with her.

But she just said to me, ‘Brother Whyte I can never resist you but before you do what you wanted do, ask yourself, what effect it will have on me and my work with God and if you think it is alright, go ahead.’

Her words stirred something deep in my heart. That lady put her life in my hands and I couldn’t mess it up,” Uncle Ebo spoke passionately about one of his encounters with a woman.

Source: NewsOne